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Technology has had a great growth within society, thanks to its implementation it has evolved in various areas from the realization of activities to the implementation of systems that improve processes, as well as improve communication between people through various sources of information that allows them to have a better knowledge of things as well as their environment. With the arrival of technology, various areas and activities have been improved, both social and economic, one of these areas is education, where through the implementation of technological tools and systems it has been allowed to have a greater scope in the learning and teaching of students by being able to implement new study methods that allow them to capture more information to be able to develop their skills in a more efficient way and with This can create new sources of knowledge that allow them to grow both personally and professionally. The objective of the article presented is to demonstrate how technology has had a significant impact on educational development that through these new levels of learning have been reached that allows them to have individuals with greater knowledge and greater informed to integrate more efficiently within society, allowing educational systems to evolve in such a way that they generate a greater reach within the population allowing to have a society with greater access to education.


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